Dandy Dan preparing to attack Fat Sam's speakeasy

Dandy Dan is the Main Villian of the movie he uses splurge guns on Fat Sam so his hidden speakeasy would be the only one in town. He plans.lots.of attacks on Sam to make sure he wins

Crimes Commited and MotivesEdit

Dandy Dan has used a new invention Spulrge Guns to kill whoever he wanted to kill. Dandy Dan paid his men to attack people and places but would not tolerate mistakes as proven when he killed Doodle when  he dropped his gun. When Doodle had died Dan started to take part in Splurging with his gang but it all stopped the day Dandy Dan attacked Fat Sam's Grand Slam since Bugsy had the same splurge guns and from that day on Dandy Dan stopped attacking and splurging people.